Welcome to GS1 Denmark

Below you find help regarding the most common topics. For other information and questions, please contact our ServiceCenter​ for assistance.

Want to order a GTIN or GLN?

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  • You need a GTIN to generate barcodes
  • You need a GLN e.g.​ for electronic document exchange (EDI).

GS1Trade Sync - a service for exchange of master product data

Calculate check digits for barcodes

  • Easy, online calculation here.

About GS1 Denmark

GS1 Denmark is one of more than 111 national GS1 organisations. GS1 Standards is the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world. GS1 is a neutral, not-for-profit, global organisation that develops global standards and solutions to improve the efficiency, security and visibility of supply chains across industries. GS1 is driven by close to two million user companies, which execute more than six billion transactions daily in 150 countries using GS1 Standards.

GS1 Standards provide:

  • Unique identification - of items, shipments, assests, locations etc.
  • Automatic data capture via barcodes and RFID tags
  • Electronic data exchange, for example via EDI and master data pools (in Denmark: GS1Trade Sync).