GS1Trade Image: Marketing and planogram photos

What can GS1Trade Image do for you?

Product images in e.g. web shops become a larger and larger part of the consumer’s experience of the quality of the product, and ultimatively a decision maker as to whether or not the product is sold. However, the quality of the product images uploaded today is of a very varying quality, or the images do not exist at all.

With the service GS1Trade Image both marketing images and planogram photos are taken in the required quality and dimension, and can be uploaded to GS1Trade Sync right away. From here they can be drawn to web shops, flyers and space management systems.

This is how GS1Trade Image makes it easier for you

When your product/trade unit has been submitted to GS1Trade Exact for quality check of its master data, it is easy for you to have pictures taken as well. You can of course choose to have pictures taken without the quality check.

The product images will be uploaded to GS1Trade Sync right away. Your customers will be able to see them, as well as the green GS1Trade Exact valid stamp.

Image certification: Do you want to send marketing and planogram images directly to your customers?



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Trade conditions for GS1Trade Exact and GS1Trade Image