On this page, you the information you need if you are working on creating direct integration into GS1Trade Sync from your own ERP system. However, we always recommend that you contact us when you start creating direct integration. 


The GDSN Standard 

Via the link below you find all general information about the GDSN standard, including the Operations Manual, the XSD Schemes and the Implementation Guide.

GDSN website


The attribute list

This document contains an overview of the attributes that our GDSN platform accepts, including the attributes used by the Danish members of the GDSN network. In addition, the attribute list also contains the global GDSN validation rules, as well as local validation rules for the Danish market.

Danish attribute list


Locale code lists:

On the Danish market we have some locale code lists. In general, we have to types of locale code lists:

  1. Code values that represents an area that is used in multiple countries but where there are local Danish values for the areas, such as excise duties, returnable deposit, etc.
  2. Code values that represent a local need, which is not seen on any other market than the Danish, such as focus codes.

The local code lists are always approved by the GS1Trade Sync User Group.


Connectivity Guides

The connectivity guides you find on this page are exclusively for our UAT environment (test system). This is due to the fact that validated tests must always be conducted in our UAT environment before connecting to our live environment.


Webservice (Datamodtager)

Webservice (Dataleverandør) 


Mads Blankenburg

Mads Blankenburg

GDSN & IT Consultant

Telephone: 39 16 90 15


Responsible for technical integration to GS1Trade Sync and GDSN consultant.

Frederik Jensen


Frederik Jensen

GS1Trade Service Consultant

Telephone: 39 16 90 29


GDSN/EDI consultant. Works with technical integration to GS1Trade services.




Ahmed Farah

GS1Trade Service Consultant

Telephone: 78 74 98 16


Technical support. Works with technical integration to GS1Trade Services.