GDSN data to countries other than Denmark

Are you going to use GS1Trade Sync for data transmission to countries other than Denmark?

If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. There may be several things to be aware of when creating and sending data to a country other than Denmark. In many countries, one such thing is local legislation, which sets other requirements than those we know from Denmark. These requirements will in some cases result in additional validation rules that come into effect as soon as data are sent to the data pool in the foreign country.

The following sections provide help with the rules that apply to the particular market you wish to send data to.

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”Step-By-Step guide” to Sweden

GS1Trade  Sync User Guide - Data for target market Sweden - English version

Sweedish attribute list

Excel document containing all visible Swedish attributes, links to code lists with a clearly indication of acceptable codes of the specific attributes:

The official Swedish documentation



The official German documentation can be downloaded via this link:

The document is called “Profiles Overview/Code Lists FMCG, DIY, AGRO” and covers the German as well as the Austrian GDSN profiles.

The mandatory Finnish attributes are all marked in the GS1Trade Sync user interface, making it easier for the user to create data to the Finnish target market.

Here is the link to the Finnish SYNKKA homepage, where documentation can be downloaded in English: Customer documentation

Link to the homepage of GS1 Netherlands, where you can find additional documentation about their data pool:

Customer documentation


You can search for companies using the Dutch data pool here:

Companies connected to the Dutch data pool