GDSN release 3.1.3

What does the release mean to you?

GDSN release 3.1.3 is essentially a technical update of the standard, where a large number of temporary implemented attributes are finally deployed in the standard. In this connection, the attributes will be moved to the respective modules they relate to. Some of the attributes are changed so that a language code or a unit of measure is used together with the specified value.

However, we do not use all the attributes which are finally deployed and/or modified on the Danish market. This means that not all of the changes are relevant to you. In addition to this technical update, brand new attributes will be added to the standard as well as a number of code lists being updated.

Below we have reviewed the most important changes for the Danish market making it easier for you to analyze if the GDSN release has any bearing on the information you currently have indicated in GS1Trade Sync. In relation to the technical deployment of the changes, we refer to our documentation section where you can always find relevant information about the current and future versions of the GDSN standard.

New requirement

A new requirement will be introduced for the Danish market, where it is now necessary to indicate ‘Non-food ingredients’ (nonfoodIngredientStatement), if it is a cosmetic product. The claim will be based on the GPC brick code and will affect the following GPC codes:

10000377 Cosmetic Aids/Accessories

10000486 Skin Lightening

10000532 Cosmetics – Complexion

10000533 Cosmetics – Eyes

10000534 Cosmetics – Lips

10000669 Cosmetic Products Variety Packs

10000761 Cosmetic Paints/Shimmers/Glitters

10000762 Breast/Hip Enhancer Pads

10000763 Tattoos/Stencils/Stick-on Jewellery – Temporary

10000764 Eyelashes – False

10000775 Cosmetic Products Other

10006201 Display Test (Cosmetics)

A new way of indicating ’Organic origin’

Prior to the update, ‘Organic origin’ of a product was indicated using a Yes/No attribute indicating whether the product was organic or conventional. For companies using automatic integration this meant that there were three different attributes to be indicated when describing whether the product was organic or conventional.

After the update, a code list must be used, where it must be indicated to what extent the product is organic. This attribute is called ‘Organic Trade Item Code' (organicTradeItemCode).

With this change, it will be easier for members with automatic integration to indicate the product's organic condition. In addition, it will also be more harmonious with the remaining European markets, which means that the information is indicated identically across national borders.

New logos



A total of 23 new logos are added in connection with GDSN release 3.1.3, including some of the most important ones for the Danish market.

New claims

Claims are claims indicated with text on the packaging, where there is no logo representing the claim.

  • Phosphate free
  • Parabene free
  • Free from oils
  • Vegan