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Company profile


The company agrees that the company's name (company profile) may be published when it comes to marketing GS1Trade Sync.

ASP Membership

An ASP is in GS1Trade Sync defined as a Company that:

  • Has been given the right to write, edit, delete and fetch product-data in/from the datapool on behalf of members of GS1Trade Sync
  • Uses it's own GLN and e-mailadress as access to the datapool, and to fetch data from the datapool.
  • Uses the customers GLN as identity during upload-transactions, where a product has to be registered in the datapool.
  • Uses own GLN and password to collect data from the data pool.
  • An ASP is defined as a Company, who collects product-data from one or more suppliers in a common internal datapool, from which the data subsequently is delivered standardized to the datapool or recieved and distributed to the same supplier. An ASP can also be a Company, that has the task of processing data on behalf of it's own customers. To be able to register as an ASP a joint agreement, that the Company at hand has the authorization to update and receive data from the datapool on behalf of a member of GS1Trade Sync, has to be signed. The above form. The exchange of data will only be available via GDSN 2.8 XML and only via AS2, FTP, SFTP or SaphetyBox. It is NOT allowed for ASP's to use GS1Trade Sync data to establish business that competes directly or indirectly with GS1 Denmark. Also described in GS1Trade Generel User Terms chapter C7. In short, an ASP-membership grants access to:

  • GS1Trade Sync datapool depending authorization, via Machine to Machine solution.
  • Help and guidance from the GS1 ServiceCenter.
  • Admission to the GS1Trade Sync list of Application Service Providers at


ASP Membership:
Registration fee: DKK 5000.00 ex. VAT
Annual fee: DKK 5000.00 ex. VAT
In the registration year, subscriptions will be paid from the quarter, where the registration takes place and until the end of the year. Prices are adjusted according to Danmarks Statistik’s net price index. Any other price changes will be decided by the GS1 Denmark Board of Directors.

Contact persons

The administrative contact person (news and changes regarding membership).

The technical contact person (responsible for processing and transmission of product master data).

This form is copied to the above e-mail.

Solution Provider Overview

The list will be available for all here:


Additional documents

Before the company can access - and use - GS1Trade Sync, the User Agreement must be supplemented by the transfer of liability claims listed on the ASP Agreement Form, Authorization.

Termination of agreement

Written notice of termination must be given at 6 months' notice to 31 December.

By signing the User Agreement, the company agrees to the terms governing the membership of GS1Trade Sync as stated in the documents GS1Trade Sync User Terms and General Terms for Membership of GS1 Denmark