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For both information providers and data recipients, your company's annual turnover (ex VAT and charges) constitutes the basis for the connection fee and annual subscription for the use of GS1Trade Sync. The subscription for the registration covers from the quarter in which registration is made and until the end of the year.
Prices may be adjusted in accordance with the net price index published by Statistics Denmark.
Any other changes to the price structure and prices will be decided by the board of GS1 Denmark and the registered companies will be notified no later than 1 June of the year before it takes effect.

If you wish to send data to FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and GUDID (Global UDI Database), the yearly fee excluding VAT is DKK 50,000.

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Our current global turnover according to the latest approved annual report (ex. VAT and charges) amounts to DKK:

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Written notice of termination must be given at 6 months' notice to 31 December.

By signing the User Agreement, the company agrees to the terms governing the membership of GS1Trade Sync as stated in the documents GS1Trade Sync User Terms and General Terms for Membership of GS1 Denmark