GS1Trade Exact prices 2021


Price in DKK 
ex VAT for GS1Trade Sync members
Price in DKK
ex VAT for 
companies that are not 
members of
GS1Trade Sync
Quality check per product

250 DKK

300 DKK

Supplement in case of discrepancy between registered data and physical product.

Example: You want a can of corn checked, both logistical data and label information. The quality check costs DKK 100 ex VAT. Unfortunately, there are discrepancies between the data you have entered in GS1Trade Sync and the data we inspect on the physical product. This triggers a supplement of DKK 100 ex VAT, regardless of the number and type of errors. This means, as a member of GS1Trade Sync, you get perfect master data for a maximum of DKK 200 ex VAT.

50 DKK

150 DKK

Dummy Validation: Whether or not there are errors.

100 DKK

150 DKK

Label Validation: If your product has already had the GS1Trade Exact Quality Stamp, but the label information has been corrected.

100 DKK

150 DKK

Item Creation Service: We create your product in GS1Trade Sync and make sure it has a data quality stamp.

275 DKK


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